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Nyika Solar Technologies Limited (NST)

 is a black-owned Malawi company, based in Lilongwe.
We provide complete Turnkey Services in Solar Water Heaters manufacturing and installations (Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, & Installations), and provide additional technology supply/construction and engineering expertise requirements for Projects in the Solar Power Systems industry space including, but not limited to, home solar power supplies, solar street lighting, etc.

The Purpose of Our Mission

To save Malawian consumers’ their hard earned incomes, from the increasingly high cost of electricity, and to enable them have hot water in their homes on a 24/7 basis, at a hot water temperature guarantee of approximately 60 degrees Celsius (± 6 degrees Celsius)  and, throughout the year, at an affordable price of our solar technology system.

Nyika Solar Technologies Limited (NST) is an engineering house that operates on an Integrated Management System, forged out of a strong Engineering and Project Management Philosophy. We guarantee the following:

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